9 reasons NOT to book a newborn photoshoot

"I can take photos myself, my phone camera is amazing"

Of course you can and as a photographer I encourage you to do a lot of that. Record every little detail, every milestone, smiles, funny situations and important changes. 

But what about you? Will you be in the photos? 

Will your child have any beautiful images with you?

Also, taking a photo is just one stage of image creation. Anyone with a camera (or a phone) can take one. But to turn it into something special takes skill, time, professional equipment and expertise. And that’s where you can leave it all to the professionals. They will do it for you, with YOU in the photos.

"I am not photogenic, I look terrible in pictures"

The most common sentiment I hear from parents is one of self-consciousness, particularly among mothers who feel the weight of insecurities amplified after childbirth. The fear of appearing tired from sleepless nights, carrying extra baby weight, or having loose skin plagues their minds. Dads, too, grapple with their own doubts, whether it’s feeling it’s not “manly” to be photographed or simply lacking an affinity for being in front of the camera.

I understand and empathise deeply with these concerns. As experts, we possess the knowledge and skills to ensure you’re posed in a way that showcases your best self. From easing your nerves to capturing moments that exude confidence, our goal is for you to leave feeling as radiant, relaxed and with beautiful memories with your children. Again, I appreciate how self-critical we often are and fail to see the beauty in ourselves however the best way to overcome this is to remember that these images are for the future. For the baby that will look at them and will see nothing but gorgeous loving parents. 

"It can be dangerous"

Professional photographers trained in newborn safety will NEVER ever do anything to put baby at any kind of risk or discomfort because they know how to avoid that. By receiving specialist trainings photographers are taught how to work with baby’s fragile body, how to pose limbs safely, how to recognise warning signs that baby is unhappy and so on.

If you are in a photo shoot and see the photographer insist on doing poses that make baby unhappy, well.. You better walk out.

As to dangers: I am a strong believer that anyone who decides to advertise themselves as a newborn photographer takes on huge responsibility on themselves. If they are trained and they know what they are doing the risk of harm is practically zero. However, if they are a camera owner who likes photographing babies without specialist training, that’s where the risk increases.

At Lollie Claire Photography, all of our baby whisperers (photographers) are trained using SIB (Stand In Baby), SIB is a training aid which allows our staff to train safely, to help them perfect the posing and positioning of baby before being hands on with the real thing, only when Lauren (Lollie Claire Photography’s Head Trainer) is happy, will the staff member be allowed to work with real babies.

"It’s expensive"

Our top package with all digitals, prints, wall art and more is $2595. There are always cheaper and more expensive options around too.

$2595 is not far off what the average couple spends on take away coffee here in Australia, about the same as the average women spends on beauty treatments/products per year, about the same as the average Australian household will spend on take away/eating out per year. All these things last a day, a few days or weeks. They make you feel good and are definitely worth spending on, at least that’s what makes me feel good. I am sure you too have things that are your mood boosting investments and you don’t spare on them. Well done, keep on doing that.

The images that you  receive are not just for you or for now. They are for your baby, for your family, for your future self. It’s an investment that will pay off in the future. Trust me, it will. One day you will thank yourself for doing that.

"I am on maternity leave and money is tight"

Majority of our clients are on maternity leave because they have just had a baby. I totally appreciate and understand that money can be tight at times, especially with the way of the world right now and with a new baby coming, that’s why we offer payment plans to help with budgeting without missing out on this opportunity. Package fee (Bump To Baby or Newborn Only) is paid at the time of booking which can be months in advance.

After each of the photo shoots, depending how you decide to take your images away you can also split the cost of your images on a monthly payment plan with Payright or our other pay monthly partners. We know this has helped some of our clients in the past and you are also welcome to use this option.

"My older child didn’t have any professional newborn photos taken so it wont be fair"

As a parent of more than one child you will soon become obsessed with fairness and making sure none of the children are left our or treated less favourably. When you welcome your second (or third etc) child, your whole family will be invited to be in the photos to mark this special milestone. It doesn’t even need to be called ‘newborn photoshoot’. We can call it family photo shoot and give everyone fair amount of camera time to make up to anyone that has missed out previously.

So there you have it, those are the 6 most common reasons people think they shouldn’t book a newborn photography package.

maybe some of those reasons are why you haven’t booked a package yet?

Ask you self this…

“How will i feel in 12 months from now if i decide against capturing this special time?”