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By now you have booked your upcoming Boudoir Session with Untamed Babes! I just want to say a huge thank-you for trusting us to help you on your empowerment journey! The Client Lounge was built to give our clients the most incredible service leading up to their session.

Below you will find the following important details. You will likely refer back the the client lounge ,any times leading up to your session. So do not forget to book mark it for future reference babe!
  • Studio Address/Contact Details/Hours
  • Reschedule/ Cancelation Fee Details
  • Shoot Days
  • Shoot Timeline


Our Luxury Boudoir Studio is located in the heart of Palmerston. It is fitted out with luxury furniture, decor & views that look out onto the harbour and Palmerston city

Address: 1004/1 Palmerston Circuit, Palmerston City
Ring room 1004 at the entry and we will buzz you in. We’re on Level 10.

Contact Number: 0434 575 577
Office Hours: 9am – 5pm | Monday to Friday by appointment only
Shoot Days: Monday & Wednesday (Sessions start @ 9am)


Session Fee Terms and Cancellation/Rescheduling Policies: 

Please keep in mind that due to the nature of our business, Session Fees are not refundable for any reason should you decide to cancel your session


  • Reschedules and Rescheduling Fees: We do offer 1 (one) complimentary reschedule if a minimum of 60 days’ notice is given to us in writing to our email. Should the need arise to reschedule or cancel your session within 60 days of the scheduled session, the following reschedule fees will apply. Rescheduling fees will automatically be processed to the card on file, (provided at the time of booking). Fees must be paid before a new date will be given. Reschedules must be held within 365 days of original session date, or our soonest available appointment should there not be one available within 365 days of original date. Should you email us with a request to reschedule, we must receive a response back within 5 business days or else we will consider the session cancelled and the Session Fee forfeited.
  • Second Reschedule: Should the need arise for a second reschedule, regardless of time before session, a $150 Fee will incur.
  • Within 30 Days of Scheduled Session: Should you reschedule or cancel for any reason within 30 days of your scheduled session date, a $200 Fee will incur.
  • Within 14 Days of Scheduled Session: Should you reschedule or cancel less than 14 business days in advance, a $300 Fee will incur.
  • Within 72 Hours of Scheduled Session: Should you reschedule or cancel less than 72 hours in advance, a $400 Fee will incur.
  • No-Show Fees: If for any reason you should fail to arrive for your scheduled session, a $1600 Fee will incur (50% of our minimum purchase requirement).

Should the above Fees be charged to the card on file and decline, these Fees will be sent to collections if they are more than 30 days past due.

 In order to treat all clients equally, these terms are not negotiable and will be enforced regardless of circumstances. All of these terms are also outlined in the contract which you have signed.

Contact Number: 0434 575 577
Office Hours: 9am – 5pm | Monday to Friday by appointment only
Shoot Days: Monday & Wednesday (Sessions start @ 9am)


Below you will find the timeline for your session. All sessions in 2023 start at 9am unless otherwise discussed. Plan to arrive on time, take traffic into consideration.

  • Arrival + Hair & Makeup: 9AM – 10.30AM
  • The Session: 10.30AM-11.30AM
  • The Reveal: 11.30PM-12.30PM




The person you see in your florescent mirror and the woman who sits in front of my lens are so much the same, yet so different.

You see the woman who has been through some shit–who has carried burdens that others stacked upon her, the woman who has disappointed others and herself, the woman who has been doubted, the woman who is flawed, the woman who needs to change, the woman who just can’t seem to get it together.

I see the woman who lived to tell about it–who kept going even when she didn’t think she could, who manages to smile even after hiding in a closet just long enough to cry it out, who is so uniquely beautiful no matter her size, who has had every reason to quit trying to love herself yet never does.

I see you, for you. I see beyond your pant size, past your age, and through the walls you try to build around you. When you stand in front of that bathroom mirror, surveying yourself from every angle, convincing yourself that you could NEVER pull off a boudoir session…

….remember that I do not see you, the way you see you. I will take every single piece of your pain, and turn it into an incredible mosaic–a testament of all the battles you have won. I will carry your burdens with you. I will cheer you on when you need a hype girl, and I will cry with you if you need to heal from things that have broken your heart.

If you want to experience the transformative power of boudoir, don’t wait. Time is not on our side, friend. It’s a non-renewable resource. There isn’t a single money problem, timing problem, weight issue, or any other excuse that we can’t overcome together.

The kicker? You gotta want it BAD. You have to decide to put all of your trust in me, and more importantly in yourself. I will push you, because I’m fighting for you.

You are good enough NOW.
Right this minute!

You don’t need to change a thing.

You were made beautiful.

Let me show you.


Hey Babe! I am so excited your session is going to creep up on us so fast, So let’s chat a little about all the payment options we have to make a session not only possible but affordable as well!

Girlfriend… I get it! We all have bills, and we all have unexpected expenditures pop up from time to time. Because of this, we have made this little page to help YOU choose the best option for paying for your images. We have included the options we provide as well as a few little out of the box ideas to give you some saving inspo.

So babe! Let’s get cracking. First section below is all about our payment options.Go have a read xx


We are proud partners of Payright!
Payright offers: Easy and flexible plans by spreading the cost of purchases over time. Pay in fortnightly or monthly instalments over 12 or 18 months.


How does it work?

  • Let us know you want to apply for payright
  • Allison will send you a pre-approval application
  • Fill in the application form
  • If approved – Link your credit/debit card or bank account
  • Your order will be printed, packaged and delivered to your door within 10-12 weeks after your session.

What do I need to apply?

  • PHOTO ID (Driver’s Licence, Proof of Age, Passport)

You can choose to implement a pre-payment plan prior to your session so it’s all paid off by the time your shoot rolls around! This is the most popular option if you are booking in 3-12 months in advance as it is totally interest free and minimal fees. 

How it works:

  • Choose the image collection that you can’t live without! Leave no priceless keepsake behind!
  • Choose your payment term. By paying off your investment over the time period that you have leading up to your session, it’s all paid off by the time you have your session!
  • Choose your first payment date and frequency (weekly, fortnightly or monthly).
  • We set you up for automatic recurring payments with Square Payment Processor – no interest and no credit line! The only fee is a 2.2% per card transaction fee.
  • Have the best time at your shoot knowing that the financials are all taken care of! 
  • If you decide to upgrade on or after the day of your session, the difference left to pay will be much more manageable since your collection has been mostly paid off already.
  • Enjoy the freedom of taking your beautiful images home as soon as they are ready!


First of all, congrats on taking the leap and booking your boudoir photography session!

I got you covered – see what I did there 😉 anyways…!

We have a fully stocked client closet with approx 3-400 pieces of lingerie ranging from sizes XXS to 4XL+ We totally understand everyones bodies are different, we also get that everyone has different tastes, styles, levels of confidence & body image concerns. So we stock a variety of everything we possibly can. However if you still feel like you need to go shopping below is a guide on everything outfit related for you, as well as a link to view our client closet virtually!


We all know how important stretching is! I wanted to put together some MUST DO stretches that you can throw into your everyday routine. I recommend stretching before your session as some of the poses can be quite hard to hold if you are not prepared!

Below I have attached several videos you can practice along with leading up to your session. Before we start shooting we will do 5 minutes of stretching to warm up our bodies to avoid muscle cramps or tightness.


The best part about your boudoir session…

This guide will walk you through what to expect and how to prepare for your Image Reveal & Ordering Appointment.Our Studio Session will see their images immediately after their session.

Click the link below to set up your Pre-Session Purchase or Payment Plan!



It has become increasingly popular to purchase a collection prior to your session by either paying in full or setting up a payment plan. By pre-purchasing a collection, it allows us to plan your session with specific products in mind.

We do not offer payment plans after your session.

Our clients will see their images from their session on the very same day. The only clients who have to pick a different day to see their images are clients who booked After Dark or Outdoor sessions due to timing and traveling. For those who do need to see their images on a day other than their session day, we require our clients to return to the studio no more than 14 days following their boudoir session date. Should you be unable to view your images same day or return to the studio within 14 days of your session, please let us know as soon as possible as we may require you to reschedule your session.

We allot 2 hours for each client to view their images and make their purchasing decisions. While this may seem like a lot of time, it is important to be decisive as the time will move quickly for us. Most of our clients are done in an hour, while others take the full two hours. We would love to offer our clients unlimited time to view and make purchasing decisions, however in an effort to be fair and reasonable to all we do have to limit the appointment to the 2 hour block.

It is normal to be nervous to view your images!! We do not edit your images prior to you seeing them, and this can be nerve wracking for some people. HOWEVER, you are in great hands. The images right out of the camera already look amazing. Our clients typically enjoy seeing their images before any retouching happens, that way you know how great you look and don’t question what we might have edited. This also allows us to give our clients the exact amount of retouching they want, and it gives us the time we need to hand retouch each individual image.

Your beautiful face, and your payment method. Even if you have pre-purchased a Collection, you may decide to add additional products or upgrade your Collection. Please remember we do not offer payment plans after your session.

Please come alone. We do not allow guests/children to attend your session or your Image Reveal & Ordering Appointment.

Cash, credit, debit, PayRight Finance, Afterpay or Zip. We do NOT accept checks.


It all begins with a call babe, let’s chat all things empowerment, and start making changes to your life right now!