How To Prepare For Your Newborn Photography Session In Wollongong

Finally, after so many months of waiting and anticipation, your baby has arrived. Whether this is your last bub or the first of many, this special time is one worth remembering. All parents can attest that sometimes memories of the newborn phase tend to be a bit hazy since it’s easy to get lost in the excitement (and stress) of caring for a newborn. Capture this moment and give yourself something to look back on with a newborn photography session! More than images, you’ll get heirlooms that last a lifetime at Lollie Claire Photography.

How to Prepare for your Session

  • Schedule ahead of time

Newborn photography sessions usually happen while your baby still has those squishy newborn features, which is generally when your baby is under 14 days of age. While it’s impossible to know when exactly your baby will arrive, the best time to book a session at the studio is when you find out your due date, and I will schedule you in around then. Just be sure to give me a call as soon as your baby is here for us to finalize the details. You may also schedule your newborn session during your maternity photoshoot at my studio, which I highly recommend. That would be the perfect opportunity for us to get to know each other so you can feel comfortable trusting me with your baby when the time comes.

  •  Have a vision in mind

Since these are heirloom pieces that are meant to last a lifetime, it’s critical to have a vision in mind before the actual photoshoot. At the studio, I will always take the time to consult with you beforehand and understand what it is that you want. Each session is unique and geared towards what you envision, so do let me know what if you are after the classic wrapped up and posed images, or something more modern and unique. Various props, wraps, and backdrops are available for me to get that perfect shot, but I also recommend bringing along a keepsake of your own to add a personal touch. A little teddy, headband, or something else that you can continually photograph with your baby as they grow will be lovely to look back on.

  • Get your baby ready.

A happy, sleepy baby makes the best subject. It makes it easier for me to pose them, and their genuine smiles and innocence will come through in the final images. Ideally, your baby should be asleep once you arrive at the studio so we can start working immediately. As much as possible, we want to keep them sleeping throughout the entire session. Tire your baby out by keeping them awake for at least an hour, so they stay sleepy during the session. Dress your baby in a onesie with a zip or clip front, which is really easy to remove without disturbing their sleep. Avoid anything that goes over their head and could potentially wake them up during outfit changes. Give them a good, full feed around an hour before you are expected to arrive at the studio. Keep them awake for the first portion of this feed so they won’t fall asleep before they’re actually full. You can also do the full feed at the studio if your baby is hungry around that time or if you have a long drive. Breastfeeding mums should avoid spicy food for 24 hours beforehand, while mums who use formula should bring extra.

  • Get the family ready.

Sibling and family photos are included in the session and will be taken first, so please make yourself presentable. The matching white shirts are not a requirement. We recommend simple pieces – neutrals always look good, but you can throw in a little colour if you’d like, just avoid busy patterns, logos, or branded clothes. Wear something you’ll be comfortable in, as the studio will be set at 26 degrees for your baby’s benefit. Please bring something to keep yourself entertained, since you’ll have a lot of downtime once the family photos are done. A book or a few toys will do, or you can also take siblings to the local duck pond or playground for us to create a more relaxed environment and focus on your baby’s solo shots. 

For memories that will last a lifetime, book a newborn photography session with Lollie Claire Photography. Committed to capturing this beautiful moment in time for you and your family to treasure forever.

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