Is your newborn photographer qualified?

You’re reading this because you’re expecting a baby and searching for a Newborn Photographer in Wollongong and Sydney….So while you’re googling that, ask yourself (and them!), can my Newborn Photographer spot a baby in distress and are they a qualified newborn photographer?

What would my Newborn Photographer do if my baby suddenly needed medical help during the session?

Are they trained and ready to react?

Qualified Newborn Photographer

The Academy of Newborn Photography Training

There are so many photographers out there, Photographers who work with newborns but unlike family or wedding photographers, we are dealing with brand new lives. Babies come to us when they are only days  old and this is why it is so important to equip ourselves for safe practicing and handling of newborns.

There is only one certified newborn photography course in Australia that is backed by a team of professionals who have developed this intensive course.

  • Medical Professionals – Paediatricians, Neonatal nurses & Chiropractors
  • Legal professionals
  • Work Health & Safety
  • Human Resource Professionals

The Academy of Newborn Photography course is very intensive and you cover off medical terms and learn about what potential problems you may encounter during your session that may require medical attention.

Having successfully completed the course and now being a qualified newborn photographer I know how important this training actually is during the critical first few weeks of a babies life.

After you read pages and pages of medical information on the birth period, neonatal period, new Mum and baby complications, CPR, birth defects, complications, cyanosis, Workplace health and safety, and more big words, you still have to pass a test! Multiple tests…  like in university!

To say it was hard is an understatement, and I’m not ashamed to say it took me a few goes. But was it worth it? Oh yes. Words and study don’t come back quickly enough until a situation presents in the studio when you NEED that information, stat.

Wollongong Newborn Photographer

Choose a Qualified Newborn Photographer who has your babies safety in mind

We are so lucky as Newborn Photographers, to have baby cuddles with these completely gorgeous little bundles. For a long time now, I’ve felt “in tune” with newborns, ready to react and adjust poses or settling techniques when they squirm, and able to hear and differentiate different noises for hunger, tiredness, and tummy pains. We have such a low rate of unsettled babies in the studio, and it just feels natural to me, to be able to handle a newborn safely, gentle ease out burps, and settle babies off to sleep. The “baby-whisperer” comes up from parents quite often in most sessions, along with offers of 2am cuddles!

If you’re reading this and looking for a Newborn Photographer, it’s important to find someone who understands your baby’s needs.

Please don’t choose someone purely based on price or location.
The majority of our clients drive 45 minutes – 1.5 hours to our home studio for their Newborn sessions, and I’m so grateful that my clients choose me.

Don’t choose someone who just wants to practice their poses, regardless of your baby. Or someone who’s rude or ignorant when you’re enquiring. Or someone who’s work looks unsafe, or dangerous. Your baby’s safety comes before pretty pictures.

5 Questions to ask your prospective photographer

  1. Are they Immunised – and please check with them! (yes! I am. Whooping Cough is particular important).
  2. Have they received newborn training 
  3. Are they a non-smoker. You definitely do not want your new baby inhaling smoke.
  4. Do you feel comfortable on the phone to them and are they kind and patient
  5. Are they a qualified and insured Photographer who photographs what you want to capture, and can provide you with beautiful quality, heirloom products.
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