Tricks & Tips To Photograph Your Newborn At Home

Tricks & Tips To Photograph Your Newborn At Home

After months of feeling those tiny flutters and waiting for your newborn baby to arrive, you are finally holding them in your arms. Seeing their eyes, nose, lips and all those tiny details of what they look like is an incredible experience. For nine months your mind wonders and visualises what and who they are going to look like.  These precious details of your little one are something you definitely want to be able to capture and keep forever.

You may be feeling a little overwhelmed about how to take newborn photos at home. Snapping pictures of your little one with your phone can be easy with a few little hints and tricks. However, if you want those beautiful and almost dreamlike photos you always see on social media definitely reach out to your local photographer. Below, we have provided you with baby photoshoot ideas.

What you will need:

  1. Your phone. Clean the back of your camera with a wipe
  2. Solid colour blanket (white) or you can use your bed cover
  3. Location next to a window or near a window
  4. 2 Baby socks (different colours) – I have used fluffy hearts in my example
  5. A wrap

Tip #1: Take your time to setup

A newborn baby photoshoot can take some time to set up with all the little details and decor, every minute will be worthwhile with the final result. Find a space in your home that has natural light coming through the windows. You’re going to want to get up nice and close to the window/door etc.. Gather items that you are going to need from the list above.

Lay out your solid blanket either on the floor, or if you are using your bed, make sure the blanket has no bumps and that it is laying nice and flat.

Next grab your baby socks. Place the first one directly opposite your light source at 12 o’clock then the other at 10 o’clock. We are going to use the 10 o’clock placement to take your photos.

Tip #2: Natural lighting

For your DIY newborn photography session, natural lighting is key to capturing soft and airy photos of your baby. Turn off all of the above room lighting and focus on your window. Having lights on from above will cast shadows and create uneven colouring.

Stand back and take a look where your socks are at 10 o’clock. We are going to pretend that your baby now has a magnet on their head that is going to connect with 10 o’clock. When its time to place baby down, angle them to their head to the 10 which will create soft shadowing on the other side of their face. At all times we want to keep bubbies body away from the light.

Tip #3: Keep your baby happy

To get happy and calm photos of your little one give them a full feed before you take photos. This will keep them sleepy. You have completed the steps above, so sit back and relax whilst your baby feeds.

Another BIG must is to crank up the heating. Somewhere between 24-28 degrees to replicate the warmth that they have been used to for the last 9 months.You can also try to play some soothing music to keep a baby asleep – hushabye playlist on spotify works well. If they’re feeling comfortable and compliant, you can even try out some different newborn photography poses.

Tip #5: Ask for help

Of course, your baby’s safety is your top priority and they should never be left unattended, especially if you are using your bed to photograph them. Always have another person with you so that you can focus on taking photos whilst the other person is right next to your baby.

Sticking to simple and more natural poses, especially on DIY photoshoots at home is the safest option. If you really want those creative and dreamy images, it’s best to leave that with newborn photography experts.

Tip #6: Let’s take photos

  1. Grab one of your favourite wraps and wrap baby up nice as tight
  2. Place baby down with their head positioned at 10 o’clock
  3. Shhh baby if they wriggle (stay calm and take your time)
  4. Grab your phone
  5. Take photos above baby and avoid looking up their nose

Tip #7: Focus on the little details

Aside from whole-body shots, don’t forget to capture those sweet little details too. Their cute button nose, red lips, tiny feet and hands, and crinkly chin – all these are what makes babies unique. Years from now, these will be the photos you would love to keep looking back on. So go ahead and take those magical closeups.

However, to do this, you may have to use a macro lens to achieve photos with a blurred background. Some phones have this feature but if yours doesn’t you’ll need a good camera.

Now, if all these sound like a lot of work for you and if you’re afraid you might only put your baby in danger by trying out poses and positions that you are not familiar with, then you may simply get the services of a professional. This way, you can achieve the beautiful photos you want and still keep your little one safe. Just make sure to only get the services of qualified photographers for a hassle-free and worry-free experience.

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