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Wollongong photographer Lollie Claire Photography | Gold Coast photographer Winni & Mini Photography I caught up with newborn & family photographer, Tanha to discuss what it’s like being a mum and juggling a business at the same time. I know we can all relate to mum life and sometimes our own identity becomes some what of the past.

Have a squiz of the video there is lots of great content in there and if you are looking to jump of the fence and start your own business 100% do it. Don’t hold back because you never know what you can achieve if you don’t try.

Newborn & Family Photographer – Mum life chit chat


Lauren: We’ve often spoken about juggling mum life and also your business life. And I guess in a way your own identity as well, because when we become a mum, we often forget about about us and it’s always focusing on our children. So how did you go about stepping out of your comfort zone, and establishing this amazing business?

Tanha: I think to be honest, I am probably a little bit selfish and in all honesty, I’m just going to say it how it is. I think like, even like when I look back at when I had my little boy, I quickly decided I was going to just bottle feed him purely because it would have made my life easier. So I’ve always kind of been someone to, you know, that saying like happy mum, whatever this is. Something like that. And I, I always can recognise if something’s not sitting well with me long term, you know, in, when you thinking about like your lifestyle and how you kind of just live day to day, if something isn’t going to be sitting, or if something’s not going to make me happy, I’m just not going to do it pretty much. So I guess I’ve just always been like that, like through everything and it just kind of rolls into my business as well. If I don’t want to do something that’s gonna, you know, maybe take away from me being myself every day. I’m not going to do it. So I think that’s like, you got to choose your choices to suit yourself, to, to retain as much of your human self as you can. You know what I mean?

Lauren: How do you make a session stress free for mums who stress over their little one not behaving?

Tanha: Something that I’ve been doing lately, that I’ve found is really helpful when you’re working with little kids. It seems to be working really good. But so as I said before, I sit them down and we sit on the rug, get, you know, whatever happened with many kids. Like for instance, this morning they had two little boys, a two and a four year old. And I basically just sat them down. Like they were at daycare and we sat around and um, I just asked them some questions for about five minutes and some questions were like, what do you guys think we are doing here today? And I would say, do you think it would be nice to have crying photos? Or would it be nice to have some happy smiling photos for mum and dad? And the boys are like one, he couldn’t talk, but the other one he’s like, yeah, we want a smile. I’m like good idea. That’s a great idea. We wouldn’t want some sad photos would we know? So having this little moment, I am going to be doing this from now on. And it’s been a bit of a game changer, the last few sessions. Um, and just showing them the camera, like explaining to them.

Lauren: Your online newborn and family workshop classes, what are they about?

Tanha:  I can do this all online and just put it into videos that are easy to watch and rewatch and rewatch. And then also having it within a Facebook group allows me to answer questions and really be like, personable about it. Then just here’s the video and go for it. So it’s more like blending the kind of in person workshop with me still being approachable. And like people can ask me about the workshops.

If you’re looking at up skilling your photography business or looking for a newborn & family photographer on the Gold Coast check out Tanha’s website: www.winniandmini.com.au

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